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Celebration! (Cocktails and Beer)

I’ll be sipping €5 cocktails in Sober Lane from 5:30 tomorrow to celebrate the recent addition to my family, and to celebrate the sleep I’ll get afterwards. May head over to Paulaner Oktoberfest Beag in Beamish & Crawford’s later in the evening, but I’m playing that by ear. Give me a tinkle if you’re coming in later.

[Sorry about the dupe post, stupid Hellotxt has a problem with ampersands. Seriously, ampersands. I’ll be switching back to TwitterFeed unless they get their house in order.]

Q. What have The Tudors, Game of Thrones, and Webhamsters got in common?

A. Henry Eddard Beecher


Now I have to sleep in the same room as two people, one of whom grunts, groans, squeals and quacks with terrific might to achieve massive, forceful, gusts of wind; followed by whimpers of release and delight; and accompanied by barely suppressed shoulder-shaking giggling from me; all because burping isn’t yet in the repertoire.

Henry’s grand though.

James Mackey’s Quantum Entanglements

Letter to the IT in response to James Mackey’s frankly mind-boggling opinion piece on Tuesday. His entanglement of evolution and quantum truly is actually more bizarre than quantum entanglement itself. Links added by me for reader reference.


If “Dawkins’s case against religion creaks at every joint”, then James Mackey’s case against Dawkins (July 12) is splintering and cracking at the seams like a cheap stool under a fat man. He doesn’t appear to have a functional understanding of evolution theory, never mind the quantum theory he is bizarrely tacking on to it; which has about the same logical sense as saying “creationism is true because cows fart”.

If your readers would like to learn the basics of quantum theory, I’d suggest “The Code Book” by Simon Singh, which breaks quantum down in a wonderfully simple way in the context of an overview of “The Evolution of Secrecy”. Mr. Mackey may need to look up “quantum” in the dictionary beforehand.

Yours faithfully,
Adam Beecher
Killeagh, Co. Cork

AA Potholes Petition

These days, following a severe winter by Irish standards, it’s hard to drive any distance without coming across a pothole. This is having an impact on our vehicles and subsequently our wallets. Since the beginning of the year, AA Patrols have attended a slew of vehicles with punctures where the wheel rim has also been damaged, a real tell tale sign that a pothole was involved. With the cost of petrol and diesel at a premium, the last thing most of us can afford is to fork out for car repairs brought on by bad roads. It is a cost issue and it is also a safety issue: damaged road surfaces affect car’s handling in an emergency, and cyclists and motorbikes also have to swerve dangerously to avoid buckling a wheel on a pot hole in busy traffic.

While we appreciate that resources are limited for our local authorities and some priority repairs have been carried out, we believe that our roads are in an unacceptable condition and the pothole problem will get worse unless repairs are carried out now. Left untackled, the bill to of fixing our roads will only escalate.

To this end, we invite you to sign our pothole petition below in a bid to lobby the local authorities in your area to ramp up their efforts to repair local roads.

Last Call

Last call for beers in the Sextant tonight. I’ll be there for 7, hope a few of you will be able to leave your “friends” in loser-social-land for a little while to say hello. No offense like.

Come on langers, meet me for a pint!

C’mon ye Facecrooks and Twits and feed reader fools, ye haven’t seen me for ages and I haven’t been outside a pint in ages. Come and join me for one in The Sextant on the First Friday of February, the Fourth, for Fun and Foolishness. There might be pig on a spit there, and if there isn’t there’ll be this pig gorging himself on lovely, lovely beer, and making an utter fool of himself. Sure what more could ye ask for!?

FFF: Pig On A Spit?

This is actually a Beer post in disguise. I don’t know whether The Sextant still does a pig on a spit on the first Friday of the month any more, but that’s where the next First Friday beers will be starting anyway, at 7pm on the 4th of February. Bring numnums if they don’t.

These posts will henceforth be prepended FFF, for First Friday Fun. Cringeworthy, eh?

Xmas Beer on Saturday in The Well

I’ll be at the Well on Saturday if anyone’s around for a few beers. I’ll definitely be there by 8, but I’m happy to be there as early as 6 if any of ye are man (or lady) enough for it!

Wikileaks is having to play a ridiculous game of musical chairs this week. They were forced to move their hosting to Amazon, from which they were promptly booted; and then the DNS for their primary domain name was deleted by EveryDNS. Their primary domain name is now, but if that disappears too you can use to access the website; I’ll update the IP address if it changes.

Julian Assange’s personal life is not a factor here, and not just because the timing of the Swedish arrest warrant and Interpol red notice are so incredibly coincidental. Wikileaks is just an intermediary, it isn’t leaking anything, it’s just channeling it. It hasn’t broken any laws, and the likes of PayPal’s assertions that Wikileaks “encourage[s], promote[s], facilitate[s] or instruct[s] others to engage in illegal activity” is a blatant cover-up for their own engagement with – probably actually illegal – government pressure.

What’s truly sad about this nonsense is that leakers feel more comfortable sending this info to Wikileaks and not the mainstream media. If the media got their fingers out of their holes – or rather their publishers stopped cutting costs at the expense of their core business – perhaps Wikileaks would be moot, and Assange wouldn’t have to do their job for them.