She Has Wind

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

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Barbican Bolero

Danny MacAskill again, together with another bicyclist, a skateboarder, and a couple of free runners, filmed at the Barbican in London for a documentary called Concrete Circus. Lucky bastards.

I really gotta lose some weight and buy me a bicycle. Freerunning would kill me and skateboarding does nothing for me, but I reckon I could get away with trial biking at a push. :)

Danny MacAskill – Industrial Revolutions

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Dunking Devils

I (Still) Wish I Could Do This

Danny MacAskill again. So cool.

How To Entertain Golfers

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The Home Crowd

Corking LOI vid produced by Peter Brennan and Simon Crowe. Thread about it here on

Bike Trials

I didn’t know this ‘sport’ existed, and now I want one of these bikes. I wouldn’t be any good at it, but at least I’d feel like I was being just a teensy bit cool, without having to look like a twat on a skateboard, snowboard or surfboard. The whole *board thing has always befuddled me, but this? This is just plain kewl.

(In honour of this post, I have finally added a Sport category to Who saw that coming?!)