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1999 Loomis Truck Robbery

Gotta LOL.

The 1999 Loomis truck robbery was a daring currency heist of a Loomis, Fargo & Co. semi-trailer truck on March 24, 1999, still unsolved. At some point during its route transporting money from Sacramento, California to San Francisco, one or more robbers boarded the truck, cut a hole in the roof, removed approximately 2.3 million dollars, and disappeared with the money, completely evading detection by the truck’s driver and guards. The robbery was not discovered until after the truck arrived at its destination. No suspects were ever identified by authorities and the theft is now a cold case. Even the exact tools and methods used by robber or robbers were never conclusively determined.

Long-haul steam trains taking on water

They could carry enough coal for long journeys, but not enough water, so some lad invented a system to collect it from troughs next to the rails.

Shit, am I a train nerd now? It started out with just loving the Tube, but I started watching Jago Hazzard videos and I think I might be a train nerd now.

Parnell Place & Bridge

The old Parnell Bridge and Parnell Place, formerly known as Annesley Bridge and Warren Place respectively. 1880s. @oldphotosofcork posts a lot of photos of Cork, obviously, but you don’t get many of big streets with absolutely no cars. It’s oddly calming.

Grand Parade, 1890s

I hate the old farts on the Cork history feeds that say “wasn’t it so much bettter”, completely forgetting the massive changes in quality of life, but wasn’t it so much better? :)

Via NLI. Anyone know how to download from NLI?