AA Potholes Petition

These days, following a severe winter by Irish standards, it’s hard to drive any distance without coming across a pothole. This is having an impact on our vehicles and subsequently our wallets. Since the beginning of the year, AA Patrols have attended a slew of vehicles with punctures where the wheel rim has also been damaged, a real tell tale sign that a pothole was involved. With the cost of petrol and diesel at a premium, the last thing most of us can afford is to fork out for car repairs brought on by bad roads. It is a cost issue and it is also a safety issue: damaged road surfaces affect car’s handling in an emergency, and cyclists and motorbikes also have to swerve dangerously to avoid buckling a wheel on a pot hole in busy traffic.

While we appreciate that resources are limited for our local authorities and some priority repairs have been carried out, we believe that our roads are in an unacceptable condition and the pothole problem will get worse unless repairs are carried out now. Left untackled, the bill to of fixing our roads will only escalate.

To this end, we invite you to sign our pothole petition below in a bid to lobby the local authorities in your area to ramp up their efforts to repair local roads.