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Quad Flight Over Cork

I can see myself watching this daily for a week, looking for more and more of Cork’s oddities.

What I love most about perspectives like this is the inside of city blocks, the cramped mess of buildings that they end up, but usually with little cubbies of light and even greenery. Speaking of which, I had absolutely no idea there was that much green behind Shandon. None. Really must pop in there some day, I’ve put it off for years.

Well done that man. I’d love to know what quad he has, the handling and video are, again, superb. The comments say it’s DJI Phantom, but given the flight time and distance, I’m skeptical. Whatever it is, it puts the cheap Chinese heap I bought to try to shame. :)

Full Turn

This is an “art” project, so pardon the bullshit title and please try to avoid reading the typically pretentious description, as it may cause you to vomit profusely. It should have read “Look, I did this, it’s cool.”

Challenges of Getting to Mars

The “Seven Minutes of Terror” title is a bit silly, but the tech involved in getting Curiousity onto Mars is incredible.

Fangio In Monaco

Watch the video, come back for the rant.

That is why I don’t like drifting. In the old days, cars drifted – and struggled, and fought, and bit – but masters like Fangio could wrangle and finesse them to the finish line. It was a limitation of the car though, a limitation of the technology. These days research and technology can keep the car glued to the road — they don’t drift, they either stick to the road or they fire you into a wall. And you walk away from that wall, again because of the technology. The performance tells the true story though — faster and faster and faster, despite new limitations thrown at the cars every single year.

Drifting isn’t about being first across the line though, or “proper” performance, it’s a display sport; and even then I object to giving it the “sport” title. It’s in the same category as synchronised swimming. I’m sure it’s interesting to look at if you’re into that kind of thing, but personally, it bores the balls off me. I’ll stick with the F1 and rally cars thanks. At least the rally cars do it because they have to. For now.

Ultimately, you have to ask yourself: What Would Fangio Do? I certainly can’t see him in a drift car, despite the amount of drifting he used to do…


Astronaut Milking Robot

Not as fun as it sounds, but still amazing.