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Quad Flight Over Cork

I can see myself watching this daily for a week, looking for more and more of Cork’s oddities.

What I love most about perspectives like this is the inside of city blocks, the cramped mess of buildings that they end up, but usually with little cubbies of light and even greenery. Speaking of which, I had absolutely no idea there was that much green behind Shandon. None. Really must pop in there some day, I’ve put it off for years.

Well done that man. I’d love to know what quad he has, the handling and video are, again, superb. The comments say it’s DJI Phantom, but given the flight time and distance, I’m skeptical. Whatever it is, it puts the cheap Chinese heap I bought to try to shame. :)


I wish I still had mine. :(


via  Giz.

Micro-USB Mobiles in Europe

Obsolete before it actually happens?

Top mobile telephone suppliers have agreed to back an EU-wide harmonization of phone chargers, the European Commission said on Monday, hailing the pact as good news for consumers and the environment.

The Commission said the agreement would involve the creation of an EU norm, and that the new generation of mobile phones would use a standard micro-USB socket to ensure compatibility.

via Reuters.

Digital Photo Frames

I bought a Philips frame without doing enough research – never had one before, thought they’d all be much of a muchness – but it’s far too finicky and basic for a geek. I mean seriously, you have to either leave expensive storage media in the frame all the time, popping it in or out every time you want to add or remove a photo, or you have to copy photos to the frame one at a time. Even then you can only add a limited, unspecified number.

Anyway, enough with the ranting, I’m actually looking for recommendations. At at an absolute minimum I need something with an interface that doesn’t suck the sweat off a dead man’s balls, preferably with touchscreen UI. (Having the buttons on the back is sheer idiocy.) Onboard storage a must, and WiFi would be nice, but failing that direct USB connection to my comp.

Anything out there with a spec like that, or close to that? Anyone really pleased with theirs? What are the good brands?