To target=”_blank” or not?

Quick thought while I’m here if anyone’s actually still reading my not-blog: is it de-rigeur to force people into a new window when they go to an external site, or abso not-done? I’ve been forcing the window, but that’s force of habit more than anything.

3 Responses

  1. Since I can actually use a web browser, I prefer that you don’t set a target for links. If I want to, I’ll right-click and choose “open in new window”, otherwise I have my back and history buttons.

    However, that said, it depends on the link. If your post is about one thing, then it should open in the same window. If it’s a picture, for example, that illustrates just one point in your post, then opening it in a new window suits better (since it doesn’t “interrupt” your post as much).

  2. Ah, it’s up to the tabbed browser to handle how whether it loads in a window or a tab Justin, not me! But point taken, I’ll leave the links as standard from now on.