Day: October 18, 2006

To target=”_blank” or not?

Quick thought while I’m here if anyone’s actually still reading my not-blog: is it de-rigeur to force people into a new window when they go to an external site, or abso not-done? I’ve been forcing the window, but that’s force of habit more than anything.


The developer has obviously been a bit focussed with the name of this Flash-based image-fiddler, but this unphotogenic ug still likes the result. I’d nearly use the resultant image if I was feeling arty. But when it comes to coolness and clever names, the Rasterbator still rules the roost.

Inside Sun’s Project Blackbox

Cool, but didn’t Google pioneer this idea last year, or early this year?

Project Blackbox is a prototype of the world’s first virtualized datacenter–built into a shipping container and optimized to deliver extreme energy, space, and performance efficiencies.

Sony Bravia paint advert online

I’ve been waiting for this for ages, available direct from Sony in 37MB 1280×720 widescreen goodness, and various other formats and sizes.

Why do we see the same old tat advertising every day, when people want to see stuff like this? Advertising execs still don’t get it. Big shocker that.