The Futility Of Existence

This is brilliant, not just because of the fab ending, but also because the movements of the guy are so reminiscent of small kids.

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View from the ISS at Night


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AT-ATs Attack @ Sochi

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Worst Cruise Ever

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Pana Around 1900

Donncha posted this photo of the Father Mathew statue from around 1900, but feck that, look at Pana, it’s barely recognisable!

Father Mathew Statue


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Forked Forkbomb Tattoo

Guy on Stack trying to figure out why the forkbomb he tattooed on his arm doesn’t actually run. Bless.

Forked Forkbomb

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'Automating' comes from the roots 'auto-' meaning 'self-', and 'mating', meaning 'screwing'.

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How They Unload Timber in Canada

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(Part Of) Me Old Mini!

This came off my first car, a Mini I bought before I had any mechanical skills whatsoever, probably 15-20 years ago. I know it’s mine because the grille was a separate purchase, and I picked the colour myself from something completely unrelated to Minis. A friend of a friend sprayed it, badly, and then it languished in my parent’s garage for far too long, stripped. I eventually sold to my neighbour for a fraction of what it cost me. He probably made a tidy sum on it. :)

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