Oirish tech journalist strikes again

Looks like siliconrepublic.com has decided to take on a traditional Oirish technology journalist, if this story is anything to go by. You know the type, one that applies a hip and with-it keyword to standard technology to make it look like they are, by extension, hip; proving in the process that they, in actual fact, haven’t a clue.

Sorry, I’m probably being a bit harsh. But seriously, WTF is an “MP3 Headphone”?

3 responses

  1. “features a white cord to complement many MP3 players”

    Says it all really. A white cord turns a pair of headphones into a super groovey MP3 headphone.

  2. Because the iPod is a fashion accessory now for some people, they insist on having the white headphones. I think its stupid because its inviting people to rob you, but there are actually people buying iPod-style white headphones even for their old tape walkman.

  3. Can’t stand the things meself, they scream pretentiousness. I don’t even like earbuds, I’m happiest with a big bulky set of cans on my ears. Which defeats the purpose of portability, I guess that’s why I don’t even own an MP3 player any more.