Day: June 14, 2006

Vista v SuSE (+Fedora+Ubuntu+Kubuntu)

This comparison between Novell’s and Microsoft’s next operating systems is interesting because of who’s writing it: CRN is more business-oriented than the usual sites that review operating systems (it’s got “Reseller”, “Channel”, “VAR” and “Integrators” in the TITLE on the front page!); and CRN’s reviewers don’t really come across as major power users, despite the reference to “Test Center engineers”. (more…)

Transformer Houses

I know it’s nerdy to think stuff like this is cool, but what can you do?

In 1987, Canadian photographer Robin Collyer began documenting houses that aren’t houses at all – they’re architecturally-disguised electrical substations, complete with windows, blinds, and bourgeois landscaping.

Transformer House

Oirish tech journalist strikes again

Looks like has decided to take on a traditional Oirish technology journalist, if this story is anything to go by. You know the type, one that applies a hip and with-it keyword to standard technology to make it look like they are, by extension, hip; proving in the process that they, in actual fact, haven’t a clue.

Sorry, I’m probably being a bit harsh. But seriously, WTF is an “MP3 Headphone”?