Touching Cloth More Like….

20-odd go-arounds and touch-and-goes at Düsseldorf during Storm Friederike, plus some seriously ballsy landings. I can hear the Irish passengers applauding when the wheels touch down from here.

Repeal The Eighth

I can’t get to Dublin today, but if I could, my whole family would be there. Repeal please.

Mortella Towers

That is, in actual fact, how they should be named.

The Torra di Mortella is a ruined Genoese tower on Corsica […] a progenitor of the numerous Martello towers the British built in the 19th century throughout their empire. […] The British were impressed by the effectiveness of the tower when properly supplied and defended and copied the design. However, they misspelled the name as “Martello” rather than “Mortella”. When the British withdrew from Corsica in 1796, they blew up the tower, leaving it in an unusable state.

Of course they did.

Spare Au Pair?

Our au pair has found a job at home so we need a new one ASAP. Please give me a bell if you know of one available to start next week. Or tomorrow. ;)