Bobby Fingers

How did I miss these? Stop reading now and watch these, in order.

The Cash Register Shop

Highly recommend listening to That Mitchell and Webb Sound episodes if you can find them, particularly the earlier ones as a lot of the later sketches were incorporated into the That Mitchell and Webb Look TV show. This is one of my favourites, it’s just so simple and so silly.

Inspector Sands

I knew about doctor codes, but not Inspector Sands. I wonder would I remember if it actually happened though. :)

Inspector Sands is a code phrase used by public transport authorities in the United Kingdom, including Network Rail and London Underground, to alert staff to a fire alarm without needing to evacuate the station. The exact wording depends on the station and the nature of the incident. For example: “Would Inspector Sands, please report to the operations room immediately.” or “Would Inspector Sands, please report to Platform 2.”

Long-haul steam trains taking on water

They could carry enough coal for long journeys, but not enough water, so some lad invented a system to collect it from troughs next to the rails.

Shit, am I a train nerd now? It started out with just loving the Tube, but I started watching Jago Hazzard videos and I think I might be a train nerd now.