Even More Beer

Will reckons he’s more organised that me – I did actually get to the pub on Friday Will, it was just a bit “minimal” – and will be drinking coffee in Sin É on Coburg Street on Friday at 7pm to prove it.

Sadly I can’t be there, but I will be slugging pints of Rebel Red in the Franciscan Well on Friday the 2nd of May at 5pm, so hopefully some of you can make one of them.

See Will, I might be disorganised, but I do spawn stuff to beat the band. :)

And now back to your regular lack of programming…

More Beer

I’ll be in Sin É from 6pm if anyone wants to join me for a few!


Anyone fancy a few post-work pints tomorrow (Friday)?

I’m so old…

I met my other youngfella the other day for the first time – he’s sixteen, so that must mean I’m a hundred and eighty three – and he forced me to install WoW on my rig, completely against my will and despite rigorous protestations. (I said “I’m not really a gamer”, and later sighed dramatically.)

So I watched while he showed me the ropes, taking nothing in, and today I logged in for the first time on my own and proceeded to suck monkey nuts at it. I don’t really know how to fight, for example, and I’m guessing that’s kind of important. So I’ve logged out, and now I’m reading the Getting Started part of the manual. I’m so old…

James, you’re a gamer, where’s the Autopilot key?

Which Leaving Cert subjects would you take NOW?

I did three bloody business subjects, as encouraged by the daddy, shouldn’t have let myself be led so easily. If I had a choice now, I’d keep Bus. Org and I’d switch out Economics and Accounting with History and Physics. If Spanish was available I’d take that instead of French, otherwise I’d take Geography.

None of these would do my career any good, but that’s not really the point. So which subjects would you have taken, in hindsight?


Well, Des actually. My Best Man. The one on the right. Or the left. One of them anyway. And his name isn’t actually Des, it’s Brendan. The whole thing is very confusing.

Des & Norm

“Artists” Me Arse!

You might recognise a couple of names on the Artists page of the Haydn Shaughnessy Gallery website, Cork’s own Ryan Whalley and Donncha O Caoimh. I’m delighted to see their work showcased as I love their style, particularly now it’s matured. I’m looking forward to travelling to Kinsale to see their work framed, and check out the other artists of course.

Ryan will be photographing myself and T’s wedding next July, and although we’ll have to keep him on a leash for a little while for the bog standard wedding photos, we hope there’ll be a few shots in his unique style too. If he’s not swanning off around the world drinking champagne and doinking the rich and famous in art gallery nooks and crannies, that is.

I’m sure I’m breaking all sorts of rules posting their pics here, but screw them, sure they’re useless anyway. :)

Inniscarra Dam by Ryan Whalley
Iniscarra Dam by Ryan Whally

Donncha O Caoimh
Pharmacy Window by Donncha O Caoimh

(Thanks for the heads-up Damien.)