Home Heating Oil in East Cork

Sorry for the dull question, I’m too lazy to do actual research.

So, who’s available, who’s best, and who has the best price?

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  1. Never really looked into it myself – I know there is “East Cork Oil” out your direction. We use a company either called Ross Oil or Campus Oil (I think it is the same company).

  2. East cork oil are the best I have great time for them and would definately reccomend them. ross oil is the same as east cork oil but campus oil is different.

  3. Funny you should bump this Donal, I’m just about to move house again, back to OFCH. Only too delighted to get away from the disgustingly expensive communal tank in Na Banta, run by Calor. More expensive even that Bord Gais, by my reckoning, and a singularly incompetent – and ignorant – company when it comes to billing. Very nearly as bad as BT. But not quite, obviously…


  4. ok I have a deal with Lee oil where i pay monthly. I made various phone enquiries for the best price 4 the oil . I was quoted 44-45-46- annd by Lee oil 47cent. I haggled with Lee oil and said they have to reduce the price. So they gave me a rock bottom price of 45cent. Not a chance, I said I can get it elsewhere for 43.5cent. and I would cancel my account unless they reduced it.The 0.5 cent was my own commision for my troubles. The facts I saved 49 euro on there 1st offer of 0.47. I got 1414 letres so do the math. MY POINT IS SHOP AROUND AND HAGGLE

  5. Never did move in the end. Just received a gas bill from Calor for €290.73. Shower of wankers.