The Imaginary NBS Satellite

According to a plausible account on, the 8% satellite aspect of the frankly useless National “Broadband” Scheme is, basically, imaginary. The satellite in question hasn’t even been built yet, and the launch vehicle that’s supposed to lob it into orbit hasn’t flown. Ever. I have to wonder who’s a bigger langer, John Doherty or Eamon Ryan.

(Obviously I’m being facetious. Eamon Ryan wins by a long shot, with an incompetence and lies double-whammy. John Doherty’s just a dickhead.)

One Response

  1. A couple of years ago I was computer shop and the woman running it was telling some customer about a “satellite above ballyhooly”. of course now I realise that was a load of bollox but I was young and innocent at the time.