Open letter to Bank of Ireland

I’ve been discussing BOL – as covered in this post – with a customer service rep from BOI, but I don’t think that’s going to result in any changes, so I asked them to forward this to the Chief Executive, or tell me how to get it to them. This probably won’t result in any changes either, but it’s worth a shot. If you think BOL is a steaming pile of shite too, perhaps you should put pen to paper yourself.

Dear [Pinstripe-Suited Person],

Someone in BOI needs to talk to someone that understands the Internet, because it’s clear that the bank has no idea how things work outside the branch network. A lead time of more than a year – never mind several years – for the development of a web application is simply ridiculous, even with the extra security contraints the bank requires.

This is on top of the blatant ignorance the bank displays with regard to web standards and usability. The fact that I can’t log into the current BOL system with any browser I choose, never mind any operating system I choose, is an absolute disgrace in a time when market share for the recommended browser and OS are shrinking fast. The fact that the system appears to have been designed by a child doesn’t help matters either.

Tha bank needs to get it’s house in order on this matter. It may not like the Internet and there are obvious and valid reasons for this, but it’s not going to go away. Continuing to deny it with the pigheadedness of the record labels is going hurt in the long run.

Adam Beecher

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  1. Banks the world over are the feckin’ same. They have no consideration to the customer, just the money that he or she lodges with ’em. We just sold the gaff in DC, and CitiBank, the bastards we had the mortgage through, have mysteriously charged us an EXTRA $238.54 beyond what was originally stated in the closing documents, under the wonderful category of “other fees and charges”. A phone call to them asking WTF those fees were turned up nothing, with the “helpful” won at the other end saying that she had no idea. They’ve heard from our solicitor, and we’re waiting to hear back. (BTW, try logging on to stuff like that on a Mac – even more fun!)