Otto For Sale

Otto is looking for a good home! *sob*

Click the pic for the Carzone listing.


8 Responses

  1. So far two enquiries, both of them fraudulent. The first was from one of those british pricks trying to tell me that had loads of people lined up to buy the car, the second a “canadian” trying advance fee fraud on me. I told the former to fuck off, but I think I’ll string the latter along a bit, waste some of his time.

  2. Six contacts now, all of them fraudulent. :)

    Did you take the Continental out of storage for Mogeely tomorrow blitz?

  3. There’s a bit of a hold-up in getting it road legal. Something about the brakes or something minor like that.

  4. Pity, it would’ve gone down a storm in Mogelly. There was a ’57 Dodge $omething there and they were all over it. I was thinking to myself, “but, like, it’s a <em>Dodge</em>!” It was black though, so I took a photo anyway!

    Some wonderful cars there, loads of old Austins, Fords, Bentleys, Rovers and Volvos, a few Wolseleys, a Sunbeam, a Singer, and one of my favourite cars, a Lancia Delta Integrale. Plus loads of old buses, lorries and tractors, and a threshing machine demo.

    Unfortunately there was a load of twin cams and just plain regular cars mixed in – I think one of them was 91C ffs – but then I’m sure other people didn’t understand why there was a MK1 Fiesta in there, and I love them!

    Great craic all in all, although it’s not really a full day trip unless you’re a complete classic nerd, or you have young kids who can take part in the games.

  5. I’ve heard it’s always a good show in Mogelly alright. I was thinking of heading down but it was a combination of being lazy, busy and thinking I couldn’t go looking at all those lovely classics while my own sits in the garage. Technically I could just jump it and drive away but one of the brake lines is almost worn through…