Day: July 16, 2007

Did you know?

That the optics in lighthouses continue to rotate during the day because if they were allowed to settle, they’d act like a magnifying glass and set fire to something? I didn’t, although I kicked myself when I found out!

Thanks to the excellent guide at Hook Head for this little nugget.

Otto For Sale

Otto is looking for a good home! *sob*

Click the pic for the Carzone listing.


Cork Comedy Festival

How good can Cork Comedy Festival’s organisation be when I hadn’t heard about it until Marcus’ post, less than two weeks before it starts? And when they can’t spell the name of the only act I actually recognise, Kevin McAleer? (Ed Byrne doesn’t count, near as I can tell he’ll do kid’s birthday parties if you pay for his travel expenses.)

However I’m into comedy and it’s my birthday the night Kevin’s playing, so I reckon I’ll catch an Improv session and himself in the Savoy on the 28th, if anyone would like to help me celebrate my – gasp – 35th. You won’t have to worry about my usual drunken routine, I’m on Lipotrim at the moment so I can’t drink anything bar water.

(I have to drink gallons of that, so at the very least you’ll get to laugh at me going to the toilet every 30 minutes, what with me having a bladder the size of an orange and all.)

Post a comment below if you’re coming. Good clean fun. It won’t be like you’re going out with me at all.