I hadn’t heard of this Ubuntu-based alternative to media center applications like Windows MCE and PVRs like Sky+. The feature set is incredible, with PVR functions provided via the well-respected MythTV, telephony via the venerable Asterisk, plus home automation and home networking features I have to admit even I hadn’t thought of. I’m still a year or two away from owning my own home, but I can tell you right here and now that this’ll be going on a rig in a cupboard somewhere. I’d highly recommend viewing the demo video, if just for the bizarre commentary and mid-video end. :)


2 Responses

  1. This video is impressive alright, although I’m delighted that they’re going with a new voiceover… that guy is really annoying –
    “Note: The demo video isn’t very professional and raised some justified complaints. It is being redone now as we speak with a professional voice over from a volunteer.”

    I have been fixated on the ‘smarthome’ idea ever since I saw Pluto a few months back, and will probably set this up in my mother’s new house which has just been built with cat5 throughout. LinuxMCE is very tempting, the only drawback for me is that at the moment I use Freevo as a PVR, as opposed to MythTV.

  2. I think my gf has accepted that our house will be jampacked with cables and flooded with wireless, and there will be a space in the plans for a server and switching cabinet, but I don’t think the idea of automation appeals to her. She feels the cold though, so maybe I can entice her into it with thoughts of turning the heat on via SMS on the way home. :)