I are a winnar!

Won a Motorola SLVR last night. Anyone want a Motorola SLVR?

Motorola SLVR

10 responses

  1. I’m happy to pay as much as you did for it!

    (if that’s not good enough I’ll give you €5 and a stylish [read broken] laptop.

  2. I invest a large quantity of time and money into that competition Adam! Well, five (broken) minutes anyway.

  3. ok, I’ll pay for the bottle of 7UP or Pepsi that won it for you (ah to hell with it, I’ll cover the cost of both!)

  4. Ah sure I had to buy 816 bottles to win the prize! Do you think I’m some kind of fool or what?! (Actually, I entered with the codes from three 500ml bottles of Diet Pepsi. My gf thinks I’m only codding myself, since I’ve bought approximately (where “approximately” == “made up”) eight million gallons of DP since I started drinking it anyway. But if I was drinking it anyway…It’s all a bit circular really, and I’m blond and my head hurts.)

  5. Ah fugg it, I’m a Coke man myself and I couldn’t be arsed buying pepsi on the off chance that I might win something…