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ENN Journalism

I don’t know why ENN is even still in my reader. Here’s an article about a new SIMI website that apparently lets you grep the history of a car. 200 words in the article, and not one of them is linked to the website, despite plenty of opportunities. Click on the author link to report it, and you get an empty mailto. I despair, so I do.

The website is here by the way. It took me five seconds to Google SIMI to find it, and paste it into this post. The site is a turd, but that’s a whole other post.

I met Twenty!

Big ups to Twenty Major for winning the Most Humourous Post category in Saturday’s Blog Awards. I was well chuffed to be sponsoring a category again this year, so being the first to present an award to the elusive Twenty was a big bonus. :)

Recommend a Dell rep?

Can anyone out there recommend a small business Dell rep that won’t piss me off by basically not giving a flying fuck at the moon about their customers?

I need to buy a server asap and thus far I’ve been lobbed from one rep to another, and treated with the kind of attitude I expect from an Eircom biddy, not a customer that’s likely to bring in quite a lot of server business in the next few years. At the moment it’s low margin business, but surely that’s their problem for selling low margin, not mine?

Failing that, can anyone recommend a supplier for low-end 1U rack-mounted servers in Ireland? By low-end I mean less than a grand fully-configured. So far I only have dabs4work, and I’m not mad about the idea of buying something relatively important to the network outside the country. Encom is too expensive.

YouTube as a forum? Ewwww! But…

Apparently the deaf (is that PC?) are using YouTube as a public forum, in much the same way most of us use threaded and flat forums like vBulletin and phpBB. What a brilliant use of technology, and a perfect example of one of those things that seems utterly obvious when you think about it. But you didn’t think of it. :)