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The 10 Fastest Green Cars on the Planet

I’d still prefer a Lexus LS 600h L for the day to day stuff, if that’s ok with everyone. Myself and T would be happy to share a Tesla at the weekend, assuming they can actually deliver one…

Wired: Among old-school gearheads, conventional wisdom is that gasoline is where the fun is, was and always will be (until the pumps run dry). Alternative-fuel automobiles — hybrids, diesels, electrics and the like — are dorky, cumbersome and slow. But a growing body of evidence suggests environmental consciousness doesn’t have to mean boring. To wit: 10 cars — funky, fun and each the fastest for its power source, from an American-built ethanol-fueled roadster that runs like the wind, to a three-seat urban buggy from France that runs on the wind.

Land Speed Prius

Baby Lambo

And not the horrendous Gallardo, thank god!

Baby Lambo

Baby Ferrari, Jaguar and Maserati too!

O2 Customer Forum

I’m delighted to report that O2 launched a customer forum this afternoon — partly because I had an involvment, but also because it’s great to see large companies inviting their customers in and communicating with them. There’s a lot of mistakes to be made in the online community business, but I get the impression O2 have the very best of intentions with these forums, long may they continue!

O2 Customer Forum

Bunch of Bankers

This is the new logo for HM Treasury’s Office of Government Commerce. Have a look at it there from a few angles, see if it reminds you of anything…

OGC Logo

(Via the Torygraph.)

Gardaí entitled to request Internet data for “public order offenses”.

Surely it should be “minimum custodial sentence”? Perhaps it’s just a transcription error. But isn’t this equivalent – or worse, in some cases – than the Gardaí being allowed to access your bank or medical records for the same offenses? For a minor assault?

ENN: The Irish Times says that the Government has broadened the range of criminal investigations for which the Garda are able to request e-mail and internet data retained by internet service providers. In the latest draft of the statutory instrument implementing European directives on data retention, “serious offences” would be defined as “any offence for which a person… could receive a maximum custodial sentence of six months”. Offences that could now be deemed “serious” include public order offences or minor assault.

Stockholm Metro

This has been sitting in my drafts for ages because I can’t find the source image, but it’s incredible, isn’t it?

Stockholm Metro