O2 Customer Forum

I’m delighted to report that O2 launched a customer forum this afternoon — partly because I had an involvment, but also because it’s great to see large companies inviting their customers in and communicating with them. There’s a lot of mistakes to be made in the online community business, but I get the impression O2 have the very best of intentions with these forums, long may they continue!

O2 Customer Forum

3 responses

  1. Well done O2, that’s a big move for a telco. I wonder how heavily moderated it will be? What will be the reaction to dissatisfied customers? I have a few things I could say to them about their customer service :-)

  2. Membership denied as I left O2 on Monday – looks like they won’t get to hear my feedback.

  3. As a dissatisfied customer of o2, I too wonder how heavily moderated the site will be?

    I have applied to join up in the last hour as I have a few things to say to them as well.

    Wait and see!!!!!