Jaguar XF

It took long enough, but it looks like Jaguar is finally back in the game with their replacement for the awful S-Type. The lines of the new car are lovely – aggressive but elegant – and the swish interior follows the same recipe, without overdoing it like Lexus.

There are cues from other cars here but Jaguar seem to have moved on from the dreadful bit-for-bit antics of the late nineties, when they rolled out an XK that was difficult to tell apart from the DB7, the aforementioned awful Rover 75 clone, and their dire Mondeo-in-all-but-name, the X-Type.

The rear light-cluster is definitely reminiscent of the DB9, but only enough to pay homage to the master of British coupé building. Jaguar have proved with the wonderul XJ that saloons are what they’re good at, so perhaps they should concentrate on becoming the master of British saloons again, and leave coupés to Aston? Or is the next E-Type in the works?

Via Jalopnik.

Did you know?

That Mercedes cars are traditionally silver because in the 1934 racing season new weight rules were introduced, and Mercedes’ car was slightly too heavy? To lose that bit of extra weight Mercedes decided to drop the white paint traditional to German cars, and raced in bare aluminium. The cars became known as the Silver Arrows, and that’s why Mercedes favour silver for their cars.

Auto Union did the same thing and became known as Silverfish, which is why Audi is quite keen on the colour too; although these days they seem to lean towards my favourite colour, black.

Holy Hand Grenade Danglers

I’m not going to buy these right now as I’m a motoring minimalist, but by god if I ever add a Cortina to my collection…

Holy Hand Grenade Danglers

Car Porn

Why did no-one tell me about Jay Leno’s Garage? If I didn’t happen to spot an article on the wind turbine* Leno is installing in his garage – in Popular Mechanics’ RSS feed, of all places – I’d never have known this absolute gem existed. My advice would be to start with the 1966 Dodge Hemi Coronet 500. It’s no Road Runner, but I wouln’t kick it out of bed for eating biscuits.

* I happen to think wind turbines are cool, ok? Particularly the one in that article! It’s my right as a woman. I want you all to call me Loretta!

Glastonbury Was Shit

It’s rained every year I’ve been there, including the torrential rain and thunderstorms two years ago, but it was just too much this year. There were hours when it didn’t rain, in fact we had a full half day when it was really quite nice; but the mud had zero chance to harden so even when the weather wasn’t too bad, it was a major slog getting anywhere.

On top of that we plonked our tent on top of what became a puddle and while that shouldn’t have bee a problem, the youngfella didn’t take care of it like he was told, so we ended up getting a big soggy. Luckily Sista brought a spare, but even that leaked a little bit so we weren’t madly miffed when Stena texted to say that the Express was cancelled and could we make our way to Fishguard, pronto.

And let’s be honest, the line-up wasn’t great either. The Killers were good but way, way too quiet; and although we thought that was the wind, apparently it wasn’t, they really were quiet for some reason. The Manics were good fun, but I spent a good half an hour of it trudging through mud trying to get to a toilet. Shirley Bassey was fun, as were the Marley Brothers, but it wasn’t… Glastonbury, you know?

So no Glastonbury for me next year, I’m taking a fallow year to see if Sista’s theory that I’m a jinx is true. If it’s not, I’ll go back the year after. With a camper. It’s a cop-out, but I get to bring as many clothes as I want. And it’s dry.

We saw lots of interesting things over the weekend – notably the Browne-Clayton Column, which so intrigued us we had to go back to Wexford to figure out – but the things we saw most of were Nolan Transport lorries. We knew we were going the right way on the road to Rosslare because there they were; ditto Fishguard on the way back.

You know the ones: white tractor with Movin’ On on the sunscreen, red trailer with in massive letters on the curtain. You thought you were seeing the same one over and over again, right? No. See the key facts on their website: 420 tractors, 900 trailers. They’re no Eddie Stobart, but by god they’re not far off.

Well done to the lads and lasses in Nolans for building such and impressive fleet!