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This week’s ENN faux pas

ENN: “In a lesson no doubt relevant to Irish banks, Britain’s banking sector has been told to jizz up its customer databases to effectively target the female market.”

It’s “jazz” Maxim. Jizz is something completely different.

Apple Unveils Product-Unveiling Product

SAN FRANCISCO ”At a highly anticipated media event Tuesday at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs introduced a new Apple product he said would “revolutionize” the process of unveiling new products throughout the world.



Ok, it’s the Daily Mail, but still. :)

The Daily Mail: A man who was fed up with paying massive bank charges decided to give one of the high street giants a taste of its own medicine.

When Royal Bank of Scotland refused to refund £3,400 charges that Declan Purcell believed he was owed, he sent in the bailiffs.

Stunned customers at his branch of RBS watched as debt collectors seized four computers, two fax machines and a till filled with cash.

The branch manager was told that the items would be sold unless RBS came up with the money owed to Mr Purcell.

Only when the manager gave an undertaking that the debt would be paid did the bailiffs leave.

Pert by Mayfield Nanny

Sorting through my Spam folder when I was presented with a nasty image.

Pert by Mayfield Granny

Picture that in your head there now Father…

I am Hans Frank?

Well, that’s what they tell me. I’d never even heard of the guy!

You are Senior Nazi Official
Hans Frank

You are a sellout and a traitor. You would have killed the Fuhrer if you had the chance. You live in the now and justify your actions. You’ll repent shortly before you die but will it be enough?


[ find out which Nazi Bastard you are ]

Duck call on a dump valve

Yes, it is a very peculiar post title. But entirely accurate I assure you!

Preserve Energy

Great set of print ads encouraging people to preserve energy.