Digital Photo Frames

I bought a Philips frame without doing enough research – never had one before, thought they’d all be much of a muchness – but it’s far too finicky and basic for a geek. I mean seriously, you have to either leave expensive storage media in the frame all the time, popping it in or out every time you want to add or remove a photo, or you have to copy photos to the frame one at a time. Even then you can only add a limited, unspecified number.

Anyway, enough with the ranting, I’m actually looking for recommendations. At at an absolute minimum I need something with an interface that doesn’t suck the sweat off a dead man’s balls, preferably with touchscreen UI. (Having the buttons on the back is sheer idiocy.) Onboard storage a must, and WiFi would be nice, but failing that direct USB connection to my comp.

Anything out there with a spec like that, or close to that? Anyone really pleased with theirs? What are the good brands?