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<waits for giant rubber duck to float into shot>

Not So Dinky

Filed under Engineering. Calling this art is like calling Tracey Emin’s Everyone I Have Ever Slept With… uh… art.

Tram Junction Rebuild

There aren’t many web videos that could hold my attention for 12 minutes, but this time-lapse of a tram junction rebuild in San Francisco just captivates. I actually went back to watch them pour the concrete a second time. :)

Can I have a go?

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, in Tübingen, Germany, transformed an industrial robot arm into a Formula 1 simulator.

Ultracapacitor Buses

Brilliant idea, kit the buses out with capacitors instead of batteries and charge them every time they stop. Read the details here.

600 HP Mini Monster Truck

The Jalopnik guys are pretty scathing and there’s no really technical details but then who needs ’em!? It’s a massive engine, with a supercharger, and zoomies, in a dinky frame, with 4 wheel steer. It’s awesome!

[liveleak f07_1246322556]

Entire New 13-Story Building Tips Over in Shanghai


This past Saturday, an entire apartment building in Shanghai collapsed. To be fair, the building was under construction and thus unoccupied, but it’s still a minor miracle that there was only one fatality.

via Giz.

Micro-USB Mobiles in Europe

Obsolete before it actually happens?

Top mobile telephone suppliers have agreed to back an EU-wide harmonization of phone chargers, the European Commission said on Monday, hailing the pact as good news for consumers and the environment.

The Commission said the agreement would involve the creation of an EU norm, and that the new generation of mobile phones would use a standard micro-USB socket to ensure compatibility.

via Reuters.