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IBM 704

IBM 704

Shorpy: This network of black magnetic beads, smaller than a postage stamp, is one of a number of input-output “memory” units in the new “704” electronic calculator built by International Business Machines. This particular “memory” unit of the 704 instantaneously strips all information off a slow-moving punch card, stores the data momentarily in the form of magnetic charges, and passes along the individual items, one at a time, to a lightning-fast calculating section, which can handle around 10 million operations an hour, theoretically replacing 3,000 hand-operated adding machines. Orders are in for over thirty 704’s, which I.B.M. will rent at some $20,000 a month each.

KITT for sale

O. M. G.


(When I was a kid I didn’t watch Knight Rider at the start because I thought it was about… knights. Of the round table variety. So blond.)

Engines again I’m afraid

This time an F40 on a dyno. For some reason the title on YouTube mentions that it’s red, presumably that makes it more powerful and better in bed.

I swear to god I don’t go looking for these things, they find me. Although I have just added an “Engineering” tag in WordPress…