Day: February 25, 2013

Meet Max

The newbie, rushed out last weekend at 5am, 9lb 10oz.


Home with bro after a busy couple of days.


Meet Rolf

Still haven’t had a chance to detail the 850R I bought way back in June, which is why I’m only posting these now. Can’t believe I’ve had it over 6 months.

Wonderful car, perfect for 2 child seats and a boot-full of buggies and bags, or 200kg of wood pellets, or simply pissing it down country roads.

Loads of work to do though, there’s definitely a(nother) boost leak somewhere, and the brakes need to be upgraded, and it needs a bluetooth head, and, and…

Here it is in the IKEA car park the day I picked it up.

2012-06-14 14.27.29

And here’s some fun I had on the way home. The spare had a puncture too.

2012-06-14 17.04.39

More pics after I’ve had it detailed.

’71 Skyline / LS400 V8

The vid is crap, but if you can listen to the LS400 motor without wetting yourself then you’re not a true car nut.