Volvo 240 Turbo… Tractor

My current bus is an 850R. Volvos really aren’t as boring as you think. :)

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  1. A farmer around where we live has an 850 that’s been chopped almost in half and, with what can only be either a lawnmower engine or a rubber band engine, turned into a moped car. Capable of 40 – 45 kph in a busy 90 zone, and wide enough to sometimes make overtaking unwise.

    The legal top speed for a moped car in Sweden is 52 kph.

    1. Are these the things that (mostly) teenagers use as (sort of) training cars? My dad told me about them. Sweden is such an odd country on the motoring front, on the one hand you have these things, but on the other you have the obsession with yank tanks, tractor pulling, and snowmobiles going around the place like Mad Max…