Ireland To Take 6 Months+ To Launch A Website

We sell ourselves as a big IT player, but we act like Farmer Joe when it comes to actually implementing stuff. In fact that’s an insult to Farmer Joe, there are plenty of farmers out there who could or have got a website up and running in less than a month. A new national website dedicated to promoting Ireland as an ideal place for business, tourism, culture and education is set to come on stream next year.

My company can get a starter website with content management up in an hour, why can’t do the same thing and build it out as needs be. We’re kinda in trouble now, you know?

I’d love to know who’s going to be implementing this, and at what cost. A big player no doubt, offshored, for a ridiculous price that will overrun. Presumably they’ll be hand-crafting each pixel out of pixie dust.