Day: May 26, 2010

Ford Start Concept

The first Ka came out in 1996 and stayed in production for 12 years. This is the StreetKa variant.

SportKa by Flickr user CoreForce
SportKa by Flickr user CoreForce

It’s a Marmite car, you either love them or hate them, there’s no middle ground. I fall into the former category, despite my general dislike of Ford; probably because of that in fact, since they go against the general bland Ford grain. Ok, it’s a chick’s car, but so are Minis and Beetles old and new, dinky little Alfas, and rocketship Daihatsu GTtis, and you still want one of those, right?

In 2008, they replaced it with this… thing:

MK2 Ford Ka by Wikipedia user Thomas Doerfer
MK2 Ford Ka by Wikipedia user Thomas Doerfer

Now that is a Ford. The one above is a trendy, sporty version, and it’s still crap. It’s like the inbred bastard child of a Yaris and a Suzuki Ignis. It’s like a MK1 Ka that was shoehorned into a slot between two bread vans by a bad driver*. The first car I drove was an 850cc 3 cylinder narrow-ass two-slots-on-top toaster of a car called a Daihatsu Domino, and it was still cooler than that thing.

I don’t know what the average lifecycle of a car model is these days, but with midlife refreshes it has to be at least 6-8 years, meaning it has another 4-6 years in production. And let’s be honest, you’re not going to improve this narrow, boring exercise in drab with a midlife refresh; unless of course it’s performed with a mallet.

And then, this year, some whizkid in a design studio came up with this:

Ford Start Concept via Autoblog
Ford Start Concept via Autoblog

Again, this is just two years after the MK2 rolled out. What I want to know now is, given that this has to have been rolling around in said whizkid’s brain for a while now, why the fuck didn’t they skip the usual concept bullshit, and just build that? That ain’t just a chick’s car like, anyone’ll buy it. It’s perfect for the current market.

But hey, that’s Ford for you.

* Yaris’ and bad drivers, there’s a Venn diagram. Might as well add Skoda and 3 series drivers in for good measure.

Ireland To Take 6 Months+ To Launch A Website

We sell ourselves as a big IT player, but we act like Farmer Joe when it comes to actually implementing stuff. In fact that’s an insult to Farmer Joe, there are plenty of farmers out there who could or have got a website up and running in less than a month. A new national website dedicated to promoting Ireland as an ideal place for business, tourism, culture and education is set to come on stream next year.

My company can get a starter website with content management up in an hour, why can’t do the same thing and build it out as needs be. We’re kinda in trouble now, you know?

I’d love to know who’s going to be implementing this, and at what cost. A big player no doubt, offshored, for a ridiculous price that will overrun. Presumably they’ll be hand-crafting each pixel out of pixie dust.