Stop Nestlé Destroying Rainforests For Palm Oil

Apparently YouTube took down the original at the behest of Nestlé. Greenpeace have a copy on their site if my copy is taken down, they’ve asked that people download the original and upload it to video sharing sites they’re members of. Of course YouTube shouldn’t have taken it down in the first place, they know damn well it was Fair Use.

It’s a bit gross, and I’m not generally a fan of shock advertising, but the palm oil idiocy has to stop. Unilever last updated me on their intentions in May 2008, on the back of another campaign by Greenpeace. Their deadline for sourcing palm oil from sustainable sources? 2015. I mean, fuck off like.

6 Responses

  1. It’s certainly still being loggged in a big way Holly. I can understand that corporations need time to restructure, but 7 years? And did they not think it might be an idea to review their raw material sourcing before Greenpeace had to get involved?

    Of course this isn’t the first time Nestlé have acted like scumbags. They’ve also marketed infant formula in developing countries inappropriately, doctored milk and formula in China – and denied it when they were brought up on it – and sourced milk from illegally seized farms in Zimbabwe.

    Sorry for channelling myself elsewhere, but I think this is appropriate:

    In my experience, business size is inversely proportional to the application of ethics. In fact, awareness might even be a more appropriate term, if you exclude use for marketing purposes.

  2. This isn’t about palm oil guys – its about third world countries. It doesn’t matter what they plant – they’re trying to grow, so will cut down trees to plant crops. Do we really have the right to tell them they have to live in squalor because we want them to keep the forest that we’ve already cut down and become rich off? Sounds pretty nasty to me. Its their country, they have a right to decent life – let them live it!

  3. There are other ways of making money from the rainforests, including sustainable logging. Tearing down the lungs of the planet just so a company can save a few cents on palm oil might be ok for the economically shortsighted, but it isn’t for me.

  4. You mean you in your comfy armchair at your computer. Nice. If you’ve got a way where those millions of people (repeat after me, people, not companies) can make a living with clearing land for crops and agriculture then perhaps you should should your amazing wisdom, because no one else has. It never ceases to amaze me that people can be so cruel all in the name of moral indignation.