Crystal Swing

This was hilarious until I noticed the 021 number. I think it might actually be real. If it isn’t, the person responsible is an evil genius.

(Via Graham.)

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  1. They must have spotted a massive increase in views from Graham’s site. Consider this a reprieve, until I can find another copy. :)

  2. Dahamsta I’m afraid to say it’s real the show they were interviewed on was my grandad’s friends his name IS Hugh O’Brien and the show is called Hot Country my grandad is on it now and then!

  3. Well there a huge embarresment maybe we should just make them leave

  4. “We are overwhelmed by the response to our video, ‘He Drinks Tequila’, and would like to thank the many thousands of people who have and continue to visit our website, view our videos, play our music and, of course, those who have supported us over the years”
    – Crystal Swing

    They actually think their “success” on the internet is because people like them. Jesus I’m embarassed for them. I’d do the daughter tho….. If she wasn’t shagging her brother

  5. WTF!!!!!!!this is the worst thing I have heard in a long long time. so fucking annoying and cheesy. I’m embarrased for the cork people. tia

  6. hey are you all just haters? ignorant? or jealous? what harm are they doing i’ve looked at their interview on the late late and they seem like a really nice family. Fair play to them for doing what they love doing despite all the negativity they are getting!