Long Overdue

I’ve posted before about open workshops. Pit Start is a more mainstream idea but long overdue, and probably perfectly timed:

If you’re a London gearhead and want to work on your car but have no place to do it, you’ll want to check out Pit Start, a new self-service garage. It is exactly what it sounds like – a communal pay-by-the-hour workspace. Would-be tinkerers can pre-book a space or drop in, and upon arrival, a Pit Start employee will assign you one of the twenty repair bays depending on the kind of work you’ll be doing.

Bays can be rented for a minimum of hour, and it’s £10 for bays without lifts (a little over $15 USD) or £20 (roughly $30 USD) for one of the six bays that come with a four-ton hoist. Pit Start provides an array of common tools for free, sells oil and basic fluids, has a directory of nearby mechanics, and can arrange to have parts delivered for you within the hour. The only things you can’t do are tasks that involve welding or paint spraying. This month, bay rental is 50% off, and the garage is open 24/7 in case you get the urge to install a turbo at 3 a.m. They even provide shop manuals.


(Via Autoblog.)

4 Responses

  1. I would love that. Not that I’d do the servicing on my daily driver myself – always nice to have a professional look over something you’ll be driving quickly….

    1. You wouldn’t change your own oil and filters and stuff though?

      (I don’t, but if I had a shed or the above I might.)

  2. Taking the oil filter off results in the ECU going into ‘get home safely’ home. You need the proper diagnostic program + connection to reset it. The guy I bring it to will check it over for different things as well. Once, my rear anti-roll bar needed replacing and I had no idea. I really noticed the difference once it was done though.

    I do the servicing on my motorcylce myself but for any complicated jobs I just bring it to the shop. I can and have striped and re-built everything including the engine on a bike before but I just can’t be arsed. Often the two lads in the shop would do a job in less than an hour that might take me three to do on my own. Broke as I am, I can spare the cost of labour easier than the three hours.

  3. The cost of modern tech on cars I guess. In truth I’d probably need a good funt up the arse to do my own servicing, but sure isn’t that what lovely wives are for!? :)