Anyone got a dual-DVI rig I can test on?

Or failing that just a dual-DVI cable I can borrow for a day or two?

I have a horse of a monitor here that’s all fuzzy and I want to test it before I send it back. Tried replacing the video card but it’s not that, and I don’t want to buy any other components, or be raped at PC World for something that should cost 10 or 20 notes.

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  1. I’ve a dual-dvi rig at home for my 30″ dell monitor. Can’t give you the cable, or the monitor because I’m using them, but you’re more than welcome to test mate.

  2. Very generous of you Owen, thanks! I borrowed a dual-DVI cable from the DC today but if that doesn’t work I’ll need to hook up to something with a card to check it’s not an overstrained PSU or something. If the cards in the DC aren’t up to it, would you be around tomorrow for me to fly in and hook it up for a quick test?

  3. Bugger, only saw your comment now Adam, if you need to fly in, by all means let me know.