Glass Pool Table

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  1. Designed by Steve Jobs? Looks cool but is actually fook all use?

    1. How dare you Blitz, are you suggesting that the iPhone is actually a useless, hamstrung turd of a handset? You’d be offending a lot of gullible people if you went down that route!

  2. What stuck me about the iphone when it first came out was the amout of people saying ‘It’s great for videos, music and games but it’s not so great for making calls and sending texts.’ In other words – useless as a phone. Did nobody realise this through the entire product development lifecycle? That it’s crap at it’s primary function didn’t raise any red flags?

    Getting people to queue for a week for an over-priced piece of tat that is useless at what it’s supposed to do – classic Jobs….

    1. It’s the copy and paste that makes me laugh the most. It was introduced 2 years ago and there’s be several iterations, and they still haven’t implemented it.

  3. I really worry about the people who queue that long. I hate it – I wouldn’t wait in line that long for anything. If you offered me a gazillion Euro and a three way with Jessica Alba and Tricia Helfer I’d………probably do it then……maybe….

    I always love the schadenfreude when they wait that long then what they’re waiting for turns out to be s***e.

  4. Can’t answer it Blitz, I’ve never understood mac-love. Even the hardware does very little for me.