Fisker Karma

Do I still have car fans?

This would appear to be the final production model. Corking!

Fisker Karma Front

Fisker Karma Rear

(Via Motor Trend.)

6 Responses

  1. Yes! Cars rock! (Says the driver of a Ford Focus estate).

    Of course, with the Porsche Panamera on the way, the Karma feels like a wannabe.

    Also, Porsche now sell branded children’s car seats. :)

  2. The Panamera is a monstrosity Mark. As the lads from Top Gear pointed out on Sunday, it’s the last gasp of a design house with zero understanding of the words “progress” and “innovation”.

    The Quattroporte is another story, but I’d still prefer a Fisker if it doesn’t have the same problems as the Prius and Lexus hybrids; i.e. being as bad or worse for the environment.

    I might still prefer one anyway…

  3. Why this craving for innovation? I’d love a nice early seventies 911. If it was newly built, with modern safety bits and bobs, so much the better. Some things are good enough as they are; all extraneous innovation is superfluous.

    As for alternative fuels, I still think hydrogen is far better than electricity, even if I understand the logistical problems in building a whole new distribution infrastructure. Petrol engines can be modified to run on hydrogen. It’s (usually) cleaner to produce hydrogen than electricity. Also, I just like the word “hydrogen”.

  4. Innovation is probably trumped by “style” in this case. Seriously, it looks like all Porsches since the seventies, excluding the cool ones!

    Hydrogen will rock, but we’re a long way off yet.