The Irish Bailout Bill

Sent this email to my TDs in Cork East last night: Sean Sherlock (Lab), Michael Ahern (FF), Ned O’Keeffe (FF) and David Stanton (FG).


I’m a contituent from Ladysbridge. Please vote against the bailout bill that will be put before you tomorrow, rushed legislation is ALWAYS bad legislation.

I’ll be watching your voting record with interest, it will affect mine in future.

Yours sincerely,
Adam Beecher

Thus far, the only one to respond has been David Stanton. His email seems to be saying “we know best” but “I may not vote anyway”. Brilliant.

Dear Adam,

Thank you for your email. We are all very concerned at the current banking situation and the need to provide adequate, extensive and robust legislation to protect any measures being taken. If the banking system were to collapse, this would have major repercussions for everyone in the country.
You may be aware that no vote is being called on the Bill today as the debate is ongoing with Committee Stage being taken in the Dail. This procedure gives the opposition parties a chance to put forward amendments to the proposed legislation. I may not, in fact, get an opportunitty to vote on the Bill at all, if a vote is not called.
Finally, Richard Bruton TD, is out Fine Gael spokesperson for Finance and is responsible for tabling our amendments at committee stage. I can assure you that he is very knowledgeable and well briefed on the issue and the legislation put forward.

Best regards,
David Stanton TD

2 Responses

  1. My response to David:

    Thanks for your reply. We’re all concerned with the banking situation, I myself planned to buy my first house next year and the odds of that look increasingly bad no matter what you do here. However the banks and the incumbents put themselves where they are, and it’s up to them to sort it out /without putting me at risk/. If they can’t do it, well, that gives you an opportunity to sort it out for them, as Fine Gael has done in the past.

    Most importantly, this remains rushed legislation, and rushed legislation remains bad legislation. This kind of kneejerk idiocy needs to stop, and I would very much like to see my own elected representatives stepping up to bat with moderation and intelligence.

    I’ll be watching FG’s amendments with interest, but I don’t hold much hope given your fearless leader’s response yesterday. Please be sure to voice my opinions at some level to the party leadership, and I would again request that you vote AGAINST this legislation if it goes to a vote.