Italian army on the streets

Italians welcome army on streets as anti-gipsy sentiment sweeps country – Telegraph: When soldiers arrived with submachine guns to fight crime last week outside Rome’s Saxa Rubra metro station, residents of the quiet commuter suburb applauded and shouted “bravo”.

Obviously the Italians have never heard of Posse Comitatus. Or done any research at all about Berlusconi.

People can be pig ignorant.

2 Responses

  1. I would not think that italian people have heard of posse comitatos, it is aftyer all amerikan federal law not italian. Besides the same army is deployed to protect imigrants from violence by italian nationals.

  2. I’m Irish and I’ve heard of it. And the point is that protecting either group is the job of the police, not the army; if there aren’t enough police officers then employ more. Putting the army on the streets is a dangerous precedent, which is why Posse Comitatus exists in the first place.