Even More Beer

Will reckons he’s more organised that me – I did actually get to the pub on Friday Will, it was just a bit “minimal” – and will be drinking coffee in Sin É on Coburg Street on Friday at 7pm to prove it.

Sadly I can’t be there, but I will be slugging pints of Rebel Red in the Franciscan Well on Friday the 2nd of May at 5pm, so hopefully some of you can make one of them.

See Will, I might be disorganised, but I do spawn stuff to beat the band. :)

And now back to your regular lack of programming…

4 Responses

  1. Sorry I wasn’t poking fun. I do wonder however if anyone will show up to a “no reason to meet up” meet up

  2. Eh, click the link Walter!? Or now I come to look at it again, read the post. Are you being difficult again?