MMM: 2009 Ralliart Mitsubishi Galant

I used to like Mitsubishi’s, particularly the old school L200 pickups and the Galant with the weird embedded bonnet, but they went off around the time the last generation Colt with the teatray spoiler came out, and then followed it up with the hugely hugly WTC Lancers.

I like this though, despite it’s relative ordinariness. And because it’s a Ralliart, it has a stonking (sorry) great 3.8 litre V6 under the bonnet. Maybe Mitsubishi is back on track.

2009 Ralliart Mitsubishi Galant

Note the tracks on the ground and the angle of the wheels btw. Someone’s been naughty. :)

One Response

  1. Always liked Q cars. I’ve owned a few, Granada Cosworth and the immense Mondeo ST.

    Don’t attract attention, don’t sound loud and go like the clappers.
    I think the Mitsubishi falls into that category.