No MMM today, sorry!

Just finished moving house, still a bit up in a heap. Should I continue? I think I have a few subscribers, but I’m not sure whether MMM is something ye’re interested in?

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  1. It’s nice to see the flash cars, although I thought it was a dirty keyword baiting trick. Not that I’d do something like that. no sirree! No, that Paris Hilton video post really took some time and effort to write.

    Congrats on the house move!

  2. Fairy Nuff, I shall continue! Thank you for the feedback, oh wise ones!

    No Donncha, me just likey the cars. I was thinking of doing other themes, like Fab Frilly Friday or Totally Tech Tuesday, must take a vote on that or something. Altough obviously not Totally Tech Tuesday, since redundant like. Willy Wonka Wednesday? Seriously Silly Saturday? :)

    Ruairi, if I’d known about your peculiar desires I’d have been scouring the web for springtime- and tulip-related items day and night. Titillating Tulip Thursdays perhaps? How about a sleepy bunny to tide you over?

    (Evil Remix: )

    Ladysbridge Michele. Cloyne was an aberration. Some might argue that Cloyne IS an aberration, fullstop, but that would be wrong. (I actually quite enjoyed living in Cloyne, but we’ll keep that between us five and Google.)

    Dave, your verbosity knows no end, and your spelling and grammar just plain makes me wet. Shouldn’t you be on, endlessly typing thread titles in all lower case, and saying things like “rediculous” to wind me up?


  3. Work gave me a choice: either get the finger out a bit more often and do stuff; or visit blogs like this instead. Count me in!