Day: January 14, 2008


Jeez, I hope the show isn’t crap now. I’d have to watch it just to see the car. Even if it is a *spit* Mustang. It’ll be on show at Detroit apparently, or rather it will have been by the time you read this.


MMM: Oklahoma Busting Slow Drivers In The Overtaking Lane

Can somebody please find the person in charge of the Irish Traffic Corp and force them to read this articlce, while explaining that ticketing bad drivers might be a better approach than parroting the bullshit Speed Kills party line?

Speed doesn’t kill boys and girls. Crap drivers kill. The only time the former becomes true is when the latter drive too fast.

EDIT: BTW, of course over here they shouldn’t just be busting slow drivers in the overtaking lane, they should be busting all drivers that aren’t actually overtaking.

MMM: Andy Saunders

I came across the wonderful Flat Out kustom while looking for more details on the Aurora, rebuilt by Andy Saunders a couple years ago. That’s a 126 rather than a 127, right?

Andy Saunders' Flat Out

Personally I’d prefer the Clubman-based original, Claustrophobia, which I remember from Custom Car magazine when it was originally featured. I think it’s actually on the back of one of the posters that Kel has now inherited. :)

Andy Saunders' Claustrophobia

Incantation is still hanging on the wall in the attic of my Mum’s house. Kel didn’t fancy it, which just goes to prove that young ‘uns these days really don’t Get It. I mean, just look it at it. It’s gorgeous.

Andy Saunders' Incantation

Andy featured quite a lot in Custom Car, and the competitor I actually favoured at the time, Street Machine. Sadly Street Machine is gone now, and I don’t see Custom Car on the shelves in Cork any more.

MMM: Mazda Furai

Pardon my French, but that is the shit.

Mazda Furai

And the rotary engine makes the damn thing sounds like a pod racer in Star Wars. Only better.

MMM: Toyota A-BAT

I don’t think it does look all that much like a Ridgeline. And I don’t understand why they’re comparing it to an El Camino, since it doesn’t even have the same form factor. (The El Camino is a car with a pickup bed and three seats, this is a full size king cab pickup with a bit of a body kit, like one of those awful looking Navaras plodding their way around Ireland. At least this has a bit of style.)

Toyota A-BAT

The idea of a hybrid motor in a pickup still makes me laugh, although I suppose if it’s the only way to wean Americans off gas guzzlers, it’s progress. Why they buy all those “trucks” remains beyond me.

MMM: Ford Interceptor

Of course by the time Ford is finished with it it’ll be just another bland Ford nonentity, but for now at least, me likey.

Ford Interceptor