MMM: driverTV

Yes yes yes, Monday is over. What-ever.

Time describes driverTV as a “car shopping site”, but a quick peruse didn’t turn up many shopping options. It would be a great first step for car research though – albeit US-centric – before you move onto the likes of the great Honest John, and dodgy forum threads and red book* valuations. Alternatively, you could simply browse luxobarges like me and think of it as simple car porn.

* It is red book, isn’t it? Blue book sounds familiar too.

5 responses

  1. I remember it being a light blue, here, but I could be wrong: when we were looking in November – we didn’t buy, btw – we found Carzone private sellers were pretty much on the money as to what a dealer would give.

    Orange Book, Blue Book were CD-Rom standards, were they not?

  2. I did a bit of googling last night and both seem to be used. I’d wonder is one trade values and the other retail?

  3. The colour of the book varies each month. It gives an optimistic retail value of the car, and it’s up to the individual garage to set the trade value themselves, for example, most garages would give about 1/2 of the rrp value of a pre-2005 Alfa 156 as the trade value. We use it more as a guideline than a gospel.

  4. Is it not called something fixed though Owen? I can’t see dealers calling it the Yellow Book one week and the Taupe Book the next!