MMM: Volkner Mobil Performance

You probably saw this on Top Gear a couple weeks ago, but check out the rest of it. Made by a crowd called Volkner Mobil, if there’s a hole burning in your pocket.

Volkner Mobil Performance

3 responses

  1. Well I had been looking for a cover for my SLK.

    Holy Toledo, that really is something else – that else being a five star hotel suite on wheels. For some reason I missed that Top Gear, out of curiosity more than intention (though I did just slot 10c into my piggy bank) did they mention a price?

    My life has just taken on a whole new purpose.

  2. Pish, just another 8m or so more of those 10 cents. I better find a new piggy bank though.

    I wonder if it’s possible to drive down the motorway, subtly nudge in towards the car alongside, and gobble it up? :)