Day: November 19, 2007

WordPress Geoblog Extraordinaire

There’s hacks and there’s hacks like.

Digg: A modified WordPress installation is forced inside a Google Maps info window. A small GPS Java app running on his phone places a marker at his current position, while transmitting the time, direction, and speed at which he was moving when he last updated. You can literally see everywhere he is throughout the day (assuming his cell phone is on).

MMM: Panamera In The Flesh

I want to like it, but I just can’t. First, it’s a Porsche. Second, it’s a Porsche with four doors. So wrong. And third, it’s called “Panamera”. I mean seriously, fuck off.


MMM: Audi 5.2L V10 FSI

You know you’re watching too much Overhaulin when you see an engine and think it’s cool.

Audi 5.2L V10 FSI

Not that I can watch Overhaulin any more, with that daft new bint.

“So this is, like, an engine, right?”

MMM: Mitsubish i-MIEV SPORT

It’s like the took the front of a new Beetle and the arse-end of a new TT, and mashed it up until they ended up with something that was almost, but not entirely pure shite.

Mitsubish i-MIEV SPORT

The other two Bitsushitti concepts are pure crap too.

Mitsubishi Crap

MMM: 2008 Monster

I’d never buy one, but you couldn’t argue they’re not cool.

2008 Monster

MMM: Daihatsu HSC

Again with teh sexee pillarless design. Also note the big steering wheel, giving access to the ever-growing infosytems in cars these days. Probably a tiny bit safer than the dodgy sideways glances caused by hybrid drive “monitoring” in a Prius.

Daihatsu HSC