Flash Player RPM

I’m probably way behind the field on this, but I’m delighted to see that Adobe have made the Flash player available as an RPM now. In fact they automatically detect your OS when you visit the download page and present you with three options, the traditional tar.gz package, an RPM, and even an RPM that’ll set up a YUM repo for the player. Now that’s progress, well done Adobe! Can I get DW in Linux flavour next please?

Flash Player RPM

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  1. PS. I disovered this in Fedora, not Ubuntu. I hadn’t tried it since FC5, so I said I’d better give it a shot — all of the servers I manage run CentOS or Red Hat, so I should really be running an RPM-based distro anyway. I’m very pleasantly surprised by FC7, it’s very pretty and feels sturdier than Gutsy. If Werewolf improves on it, I could be very enamoured by it! I’ll post a review if I can.

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