MMM: Metroproject Quattro

More on the upcoming A1. Or not, as the case may be. The word “innovative” is a bit of a stretch for a car that’s essentially just extending a concept Toyota brought to market a decade ago.

AutoMotoPortal: The drive unit for the metroproject quattro showcases a fully independent, innovative hybrid technology. At work under the bonnet is a 1.4.litre TFSI engine developing 110 kW (150 bhp), whose power is directed to the front wheels by means of the S-tronic Direct Shift Gearbox. A 30 kW (41 bhp) electric motor positioned on the rear axle is able to deliver up to an additional 200 Nm of torque when the vehicle is accelerating. When boosting, in other words driving the vehicle simultaneously by TFSI and electric motor to achieve a dynamic driving style, the study is transformed from a front-wheel-drive car to a quattro, and power is transferred to the road in the most effective way possible.

Nice arse though.

Metroproject Quattro

(Yes, the Prius really is 10 years old now. Seems like less because it was only available on the grey market before 2001. So there.)